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Program prices for the 2018-2019 Winter Term November 25th-April 15th

Option 1. Coaching Only $12,500

Option 2. Coaching Plus Room and Board $19,500 (student provides their own online courses and online teacher support) 

    Option 3. Coaching, Room and Board, Education $27,500-$28,900 

Option 4. Coaching and Education $22,500-$23,750 

The Price of our programs including academics varies depending on the students curriculum and number of clasess while attending the winter term.

 * Under Option three and four, the Manchester Tutorial Center handles all communications with the athletes primary school allowing for a smooth transition arriving to ASTC in November and returning to their primary school by April 15th. The Tutorial Center and it's certified teaching staff, will work with each individuals home school to create the best possible path for academic success while at ASTC. 

Vermont Residents attending local schools may be able to use a portion of their town tuition to help pay for the Manchester Tutorial Center academic fees. This is typically determined by the students primary school, parents must inquire at their local school to discuss the amount. Local students living in towns with school choice typically have the best chance of receiving funds to help pay the Manchester Tutorial Center fees for the winter term.  


 Late Start Winter Term January- April 15th

Option 1. Coaching Only $9,900

Option 2. Coaching , Room and Board $17,500

Option 3. Coaching , Room and Board, Education $23,000-$24,750

Option 4. Coaching and Education Only $18,900-$19,900

 Two Month starter program and part time midweek with Coaching, Education, Room and Board 

This program is designed to give a student the opportunity to test out the academy and coaching before committing to the entire winter term. Local housing and tutoring of courses is available to get the full experience of a truly balanced program of snowboarding and academics. Contact us for our prices

Want to test ASTC out for a week?

Join us for a Monday-Friday training session with our experienced coaching staff 

$850.00(three days of academics)    $960.00(four days of academics) 

 Athlete’s will receive tutorial support in their home school’s curriculum during the stay with the American Snowboard Training Center.The students school will provide our tutoring center with all course assignments that are expected to be completed during the five days. The athlete will get the full academy experience with three or four days of one on one academic teaching, housing, three meals a day, on hill training filming and local transportation.

(price does not include lift tickets) 

















Jack Szutak/ Photo Will Lanzoni


Jon Lane/ Photo Scott Horwath

For Information regarding our programs and camps, please email Ron Chiodi at 
Phone: (802)379-1222


Alphonse Esposito/ Photo Scott Horwath


Savannah Shinske/ Photo Scott Horwath

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